Royal Black Consulting

Change Management and Business Transformation Architects.

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We bring objectivity to what can be an abstract laden set of processes and activities. We design interventions that leverage change management methodologies, a structured approach to transitioning people and enterprises to their future desired states. 

Our mission is to:

Deliver a fast-track methodology on projects that help our clients integrate people, strategy, process, technology and information, increasing effectiveness, reducing costs, improving profit and shareholder value.

Our 15-point readiness assessment is the quickest and the most effective approach for converting your strategy to results.

You can rely on us to:
  • Create converging paths that bring together workstreams to achieve the business objectives of your change initiatives.
  • Analyse and develop business success "critical success factors".
  • Analyse and develop architecture requirements, design, and operating models.
  • Develop Business strategy and processes in support of transformation and change management activities.
  • Change impact analysis and change management activities.
  • Help you implement major change.

We are Change Management and Business Transformation Architects.Contact Us Today